Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Sometimes ...

Sometimes ...

Sometimes ....even the best of us get stressed out.
Sometimes ....we could all use a break with laughter .
Sometimes ....laughter can help ease a heavy heart .
Sometimes ....a light heart can save the day.
Sometimes .... a smile can warm the coldest of hearts .
Sometimes ....the right words can change the situation.
Sometimes's just not enough...
Sometimes ....there's nothing you can do.
Sometimes .... its just best to just let things be the way they are and make the best out of it ...

Othertimes ...
even when i stand in between day and nite
i realised that i have more than enough
precious friends that makes the day brighter and easier to breeze thru'
then all the sometimes .. sounds like the best thing to do
so in anytime , its best to give many 'mmmmuacckkss' to the people i love ...
and when they read this , they'll know that they meant a world to me .

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