Friday, November 04, 2005


After staying in Alor Star for more than 20 years, i have never set my foot in Pedu Lake, the famous, beautiful lake situated in Kedah itself, about 20 km from the capital of Kedah. Late yesterday night, my sister spontaneously announced that we are going to Pedu Lake and leave for KL the next day straight from there. After hearing how beautiful the lake is for so long, i finally get to see it with my own eyes. I dont have picture evidence of the picturesque scenary as i did not bring home charger for my digital camera. All i have is measley picture taken using my hand phone.

I shall not go into details how what time i left house, how long it takes, how many winding road we passed... but anyway, we reached our destination with full bladder. Thus, the first restroom we saw, we were all so happy, and make our way towards it. The toilet surprisingly dry but alas, it is soooo smelly, cant really identified what kind of smell but there were loads of tiny, black "beads" on the floor. And no, i dont major in animal's dropping, thus cannot identify the source of the droppings.

Despite the shortcomings, we checked in the room and found spider on the wall near the bed. Je je's bf called the front desk and they send someone to help us clean it up. However, one sweep with the broom, 2 black lizards came out of nowhere and what was worse was the cleaning guy put the broom on the bed!! Housekeeping? If i ever do that at home, i think i would have to endure endless long nagging and lecture by my mother. In fact, i doubt that she would actually let me live and forget about the whole incident.

After quite a few phone calls to the front desk on that and also the not cooling air cond, and numerous promise that "i'll be right back." (which they never did, till we rang up again, then only they came back). They finally agree to change the bedsheet, only manage to fix the air cond to be really airing the room after 4 separate calls and visits by different person. Before that even the outside air is cooler than the room. All of us was sweating inside the room.

Well, in fact, i'm typing this inside the chalet at Lake Pedu, after a buffet dinner which only offers limited variety of food but it beats having nothing. And by the way, we had a great 50% discount as compensation on the poor service and accommodation. Anyway, till then, and yes, if you are wondering, there is no mobile phone reception here, and that would give u a good guess that i still dont have internet connection, thus no MUD, and explain the time for this blog post. ;)

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