Thursday, December 29, 2005


There is this village where day shines. Let's call it village Tok Shu. The villagers who were staying in the place are farmers. They plant paddy and fruits. This time of the year, the villagers are all very very busy to finished up the harvest before the cold winter come and destroy the hardwork that they had been toiling throughout the year. As day looked onto the village, day tried to help out by calling the clouds to cover the sun so that the heat will not beat the backs of the farmers. Or day will call the wind to help them as they beat the paddy to get the grains. Day felt happy doing all these things that can help the farmers complete their work.

When darkness comes, nite will come and help too. Nite will call the moon to shine more brightly than usual to guide the farmers as they pluck the fruits from their plantation. Nite also helped to put in more stars in the sky so that the farmers were able to rest well at night for the next day's work.

There is this head villager that seemed to be respected by every farmers. There was one day, the head villager announced to the whole village that he will invite all the villagers for dinner and that he will give away a tractors and a few of his prized bulls. The farmers were really happy. "Two more days to go, my friends, do your best to complete the harvest and then we can have a feast thereafter." Day smiled as day saw the villagers cheered and motivated to complete what seemed to be a mountain within the next two days.

In the village, there are some villagers that don't do farming. They rear chickens and ducks. That is the their work. Though they didn't work during this harvest, they wanted to participate onto the prize that the head villager is giving out. Day shoke head, "How can these people qualify for the prizes that the head villager is offering? They didn't work as hard as the farmers. Funny people." But day knew that the head villager loves his people. He would allow all of them to have a prizes. Yet day felt bad for the farmers who toil all year and even more so this harvest.

"There will be a huge feast at the last day of the harvest. Good wine and food will be given out. These prizes will be drawn and the winners will get the tractors and the other prizes. But these will be for the farmers who worked hard these period." the head villager told the people one day. "But that is not fair sir. We didn't know that there are such prizes given out. If there is, we will help out. We will. This is so UNFAIR!"

The head villager thought long and hard. What to do?. Day felt sad for him. At long last the head villager told the people, "Alright. These prizes will be eligible for everyone provided that they help out these last two days of the harvest."

"But that is not fair either", day thought. "but what can i do?....ah ha! I know what do now.....hehehe.." And so day begin to plan..... :p

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Super Chu Chai said...

hmmmm why does this story sounds so familiar ? :P

is it tying back to a current event ? :D

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