Sunday, July 23, 2006

Hair Chopstick?

Last week before Tuesday...

Nite: I want to buy the chopstick thingy that you tie bun with... where can get yah?
Bay bee dino: At pasar malam sure got one... and cheap
Nite: Ok ok..
Little P: Can go pasar malam on Tuesday

Last Tuesday at Sri Petaling Pasar Malam
Little P: That bay bee dino say sure got... how come we walk so many stalls dont have ar? Only got those with things dangling here and there
Nite: Dont know wor...

We walked and walked till finally spotted it at one of the stalls

Little P: Ei, buy 3 lar. One put in house, one put in office, one in case patah (break)
Nite: But its RM 3.50 wor, buy 3 more than RM 10 already.
Little P: Then buy 2. One put in house and one in case patah.
Nite: Ok ok.. but wont be so fragile gua...

The weather was rather hot, thought I'll bun up my hair.
Nite: Aiyak... i broke it -__-"

Bay bee dino was having a good laugh and ask me to post it... so here are some pictures...

The broken off part. The one on the right, I've tried to "shaved" off the chipped off part

This is how the original one look like

This is the comparison between the one broken and the one not... See.. the part broken is thin.. not my fault :P


bay-bee-DINO said...

dun la so ganas.. haha.. usually pasar malam got a lot one worr.. next time i look out for u ya..

Little P (oo) said...

told you to buy 3 rite?

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