Saturday, October 15, 2005

It has been 15 days...

I wonder if this is the longest i have not post here. 15 days, think even when i wanted to take hiatus, it wasn't this long.

I was around, in fact glued to the pc every single day loyally. Just that i didnt get around to write something. Well, now i understand why a certain chu chai didnt blog so often, even have vague memory of pestering him to blog :p Well, lucky he didnt pester me to blog anyway...

This is just another excuse for me to look at the notes lying on the sofa and not picking it up... at least when people do ask, i can honestly answer, "i didnt mud the whole day. I blog too" :p

Anyway, i have better go feed myself. Dont even know where the instant noodles that i took just now gone. I didnt know sitting in front of pc playing games can take up so much energy.

Till then, everybody, you are welcome to pester day to blog. *whisper - she blogs even lesser than me*

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