Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Did anyone ask you these questions during CNY?

"Do you have BF yet?"

"Aiyo, still none ar? Why you so picky?"

"That guy not good meh?"

"I thought that guy is your BF? No ar?"

Ok, lets get this straight.

Point 1:
I'm the youngest in my generation at my mother's side and that i'm the 4th youngest in my generation at my father's side (I have 3 cousin brother younger than me, thats all.)

Point 2:
I didnt go back to my hometown this CNY. This also means that I didnt see most of my uncles, aunties, cousins. The only relative I visited was my youngest uncle cos he stays in Klang.

I listed down the 2 points cos I have valid reasons as to why I shouldnt be asked those questions. Ok see... i'm the basically sort of youngest in my generation which means that I have quite a few cousin brothers and sisters and coincidentally there are like 2 cousin brothers that havent found the other half yet and my sis havent tie the knot yet. So... shouldnt all my relatives gang up and generate their pressure over there...instead of asking me?

Also I thought that I would escape those questions... unfortunately, i think my mother foresee that her counterparts wont be around to give me those apparently friendly chat, so she go full force this year. Here are a few of the "pointers" my mom gave -_-"

"That so and so from your sister's company, next time go out eat with people lar."

"Next time, ask er jie to bring her so and so back. I wont come to stay, then so and so wont be pai seh."

"That guy not your BF ar?"

"That guy no GF or not? He not bad mah, can consider."

"If like that guy, then must take initiative. If gone liao, then no more."

Me? *Faint

(note: So and so and that guy is a different person)


Day said...

Sooo....who is the so and so and that guy huh? :p

pig_angel said...

Hahahaha.. I guess those phrases are standard wordings most single females or males will hear it.

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