Saturday, September 02, 2006

2 moons on 27 August 2006

Ok.. I should've put this up earlier. Anyway, did you or did you not get this email, telling you at certain time on 27/8/06 you will see 2 moons? Of course, literally it's 2 moons, but one is actually the Mars.

Well, yah... there isn't any. Stupid me looked up the sky at various position from the apartment I stayed. There isn't any moon. (My sis secretly told me dont tell people, cos pai seh). So we re-enter the house, and check the calendar. Mmmm... 27/8/06 is actually the 4th on Chinese calender - which also means... you wont get any moon, let alone FULL MOON. So, nothing happenned... I went back to sleep. But, this reminds me of what happenned 2-3 years back.

I checked back the cert, there's no date printed on it. Yes, cert. Remember a few years back where it was said that the Mars is closest to Earth since 73,000 years? Well, that one is not a myth. I did went and see, and went for 3 times. Effort to see Mars :P

1st day: It was a drizzling night, the Planetarium has hosted a "watching" Mars thingy. Knowing very much that you can't even see stars on raining nights, but my sis and me still insisted on taking my poor bike out for a round, just in case can see the Mars (kiasu mah). Well, fact is a fact, not even stars but we gathered that the Astronomer's Club would set up their telescope the next day in the field opposite Amcorp Mall

2nd day: A fine night, no rain. Unfortunately, it was way too fine. KL sky are way too bright. Try looking up the sky if you are in KL, it usually appears reddish instead of black. So, though luck to see any stars in such bright sky. We lined up, waiting at the telescope, loitered around... still no Mars to be sighted.

3rd day: I dont remember as to why I didnt go to my elderest sis's house but my second sis did. Probably had to work. Anyway, 2nd sis saw Mars from elderest sis's house - its not KL, its at Sungai Long, outskirt of KL. Called me and asked me to go to Bukit Jalil. At that time, I was still staying in Setapak, take my bike again, all the way to Bukit Jalil, to look at that "little" planet. After all the effort, it has finally paid off. We saw Mars, and yes, that time was really Mars, even got a cert and it was said that it will be many, many, many years before we can see it in our sky again... so i guess, the email was a faux

The cert - a few years old

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