Sunday, October 15, 2006

Chicken Nuggets

Went to this Mc* fast food chain the other day, the one in Bukit Bintang before my Japanese class to get a quick bite. As I had 2 slices of sandwiches already, thought of not having so much food and wanted to get the 4 pieces Chicken Nugget. However...

Me: Do you have the 4 piece Chicken Nugget?
Mc* Staff: Sudah habis. 6 ketul ada (translation: Finished, but have the 6 pieces one)
Me: O_O (in heart: what kind of logic is that... 4 pieces finished but still have the 6 pieces one??)

Anyway, I did not press on it, after all time to go to class already. But... it's illogical right?

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