Friday, August 31, 2007

The Hamster

Once a upon a time, there was one hamster running around at this really big forest. She ran and ran searching for nuts and berries. Does a hamster even eat nuts and berries, this hamster doesn't even know. Yet its stomach craved for one. She saw the squirrels munching them, ever so delicious.

"What are you searching for?" the squirrel asked the hamster. "Berries and nuts" the hamster told her. "Do hamster even eat them?" the squirrel asked again. "I might when I find one" the hamster then reply. Off again the hamster searching for nuts and berries. The squirrel look at her run, puzzled at such determination. "Crazy hamster." the squirrel thought.

The hamster looked and looked. She found none. Then she looked around, and found that she was lost. She sat down by the riverside, huffing and puffing. Her big bum just sank into the sand. "Now I'll not find those berries and nuts." the hamster thought, disappointed. She looked around, and realised that she had lost most of her friends. "Where are they?" she thought. "I thought we are going to find those nuts and berries together?" But she found none.

She sniffed her way back. Along the way, she looked for her friends... she tipped toe and called out to her friends. "Where are you guys?" she called out. But her voice were carried away by the wind. The tree asked her "Who are you searching for, little hamster?" "My friends" she told him. "Who are your friends?" he asked again. The hamster looked at the tree, and blinked, "I..I forgot." She sat down again, and began to cry.

Suddenly the squirrel came behind her and tapped on her shoulder. "Why are you crying hamster?" The hamster looked at her and said "I.. I'm looking for nuts and berries, but I lost my friends along the way. Now I can't find any berries or nuts.. and I forgot who my friends are." She bawled. Tears falling onto her face. The trees looked at her, the flowers looked at her, the squirrel looked at her. The squirrel then smiled and ran off.

The hamster cry even the more when she saw the squirrel ran off. "Where are you off to?" she called out. "Wait there, hamster." the squirrel said. The hamster sat again, sobbing quietly. "I'm sorry Mr. Tree for disturbing you." "It's alright. It is just too bad that I don't have any nuts or berries on my branches for you to pluck from." the tree said. "It's all right. Thank you." she politely said.

'Plop' 'plop' 'Plop' 'Ploploploploploplop' Hundreds of berries and nuts tumbling down on top of the hamster. "What??!" When she came up out of the mountain of berries and nuts, she saw the squirrel smiling broadly down at her. "You remind me of the stash of berries and nuts around this side of the forest. So I ran and took some for you. Come, try some of these." The squirrel offer the hamster. The hamster took one and sniffed... weird. She opened her mouth and took a bite.

Acid from her stomach came rushing into her throat. "Bleech! Yuck!" The hamster spitted out the berry. The squirrel looked at her and laughed, causing herself to tumble from the pile of nuts and berries. "You are funny. You wanna be my friend?" the squirrel asked. The hamster smiled and nod. Still laughing, the squirrel took her hand and said "Come, let's look for your friends together." The hamster is glad. She found an unexpected friend.

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great post.. i like hamster...

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