Sunday, August 26, 2007

Ending the 24 hours of nite-time

I doubt that Day will come in blogging in here in anytime soon, I dont even think she checks this from time to time... probably only when there's comments and it prompts her mail box.

As for Inbetween, she has only blogged this every once on 20 April 2005. Not many know of her contribution post, I suppose

No, we are not arguing, I'm still sitting a stone throw away from Day here at work and have teh tarik sessions with Inbetween.

Just that... I dont think they are blogging anytime soon, or maybe would not continue to blog here as the last time Day blogged was back in October last year. You can call it a phase in life, something like that.

It feels funny blogging when there is no day and nite in a day, there is only nite. Imagine having 24 hours of nightime since October 2006. Haha. And so... I've decided to stop blogging here. I'm not sure if I would write somemore, I might... just not here. I might start another blog, but maybe just not yet. See how it goes... but of course, I'll still read :P

And so... thank you very much for reading the craps that I've been writing :)

Side note: Jellio', thank you for introducing me to the world of blogging.

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Little P (oo) said...

U leave me alone...

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