Sunday, September 25, 2005


Tagged by Jellio' on "Seven" and now taking a break from my Naruto jigsaw puzzle. My back is breaking, and my eyes felt like going to pop out soon (i'm working on the floor). So, shall do it :)

7 things I plan to do before I die
1) To watch Manchester United in Old Trafford
2) To work/study in overseas (somewhere further than Singapore)
3) To serve in the 3rd world country
4) To learn and really know how to use sign language
5) To do masters
6) To travel to more places
7) To be more involved in charity work

7 things I could do
1) Sleep more
2) Read more
3) Talk less
4) Go home more often
5) Clean my room more often
6) Be more patient
7) Try my best not to pick a fight/argument with my friend

7 celebrity crushes
1) Kakashi
2) Shinichi
3) Conan
4) Lee Hom
5) Heiji Hattori
6) Naruto
7) ... i cant think of anymore...

7 Often Repeated Words
1) Huh?
2) Har?
3) Oh...
4) Ok...
5) Apparently
6) :þ (does this count?)
7) yah?

7 physical traits I look in the opposite sex
Erm... i dunno...

7 victims I can tag
1) Day (Jellio' tagged dayNnite but i foresee Day would pretend that if i do it, she'll escape, so i tag her again)
2) Super Chu Chai
3) Verb
4) Piggie Buzz
5) Little P (oo)
6) Kimmie
7) Would want to tag bay bee Dino as well but since she has no internet access at the moment, i shall spare her :þ

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Day said...

hoii....where can??

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