Thursday, September 01, 2005

Time of death certified at 10.28 am

Ok, i lied. Not exactly, just not telling the whole truth. It really has died, on national day, just that i am not too sure of the exact deceased time. But it is somewhere around 10.30 am, at least for mine. Apparently my colleague said that it was terminated in groups, phase by phase.

Well anyway, we are official off it, the good stuff. Cut off all means of communication, and left with this weird thing that keeps on invite people to join strangers conversation.
Anyway, speaking of this thing, it can really make me complain & complain... So i shall spare you all the misery (at least for now, i'll probably blog another one just for complaining that thing)

So, for now, i officially inform everybody that we are all off the internet instant messenger. If you want to bug, kacau, say hi, miss us, do drop us an email. :)

(Note: given up hope that it will be resuscitated. Have uninstall it)


verb said...

so sad, so sad....its a sad sad situation...

Day said...

Let's have a minute of silence to the departure of our good good friend. Then we can officially launch a complaint campaign on the new one :p

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