Sunday, August 06, 2006

Boys like Girls who are thin

True? Not true? Depends? (I think people like that answer... depends :p)
Anyway - I quote that phrase from Ino, Naruto Episode 192. I know, I know, the lastest episode of Naruto is at Episode 195, just that I'm a little backtracked, havent finished watching yet. In fact just finished watching Episode 192 a couple of minutes ago.

The story is somewhat like this...
Ino and Naruto was sent to a mission to another village where the princess has gained some weight before her date with a feudal lord's son (Chikara-sama). This princess (Princess Fuku) sent over her thin picture over to Chikara-sama before the big date day, and while waiting for the big day, she was a bit too nervous and indulged in too much food at night. Somehow she looked like Ino (before putting on the kilogrammes), hence wants Ino to be her double to capture Chikara-sama's heart.

To cut the story short, there's chaos cos this Chikara-sama himself is not exactly thin and of course, not Ino's cup of tea. Also coupling with Naruto's changing himself to look like Princess Fuku and do funny funny stuff. Story ended with Princess Fuku showed herself and Chikara-sama love the fatty version of her.

Of course, Ino was a little hurt. In that episode, she said, "My virgin soul is scarred" :P

So, back to it, "Boys likes Girls who are thin". Is it true? What say you?


Anonymous said...

About your topic, whether boys like thin girl, which you quoted from Naruto. Shikamaru would not agree with you very much, as he did mention to Chouji. Your blog is fun to read.

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