Saturday, August 19, 2006

Crown Jewel Hotel, Penang - 4 star???

Well... that's what I heard, though I'm not quite sure the 4 star is on which part of the hotel. Personally, there are a few things as to why I dont quite agree.

  1. The floor carpet is dirty. There are red spots on the carpet
  2. The ONE additional electrical point is faulty. I had to pull off the light connection to boil water, to charger mobile phone charger
  3. 2 way pin cannot go in the electrical point. Hence I cant charge my camera battery which explains why I didnt take many of the hotel picture
  4. There is no kettle in the room. I called the reception, they told me to call room service. I called room service, I'm told to call housekeeping. Fine, maybe I did call the wrong extension but after waiting for 20-30 minutes, nobody come knocking at the door. I was hungry (no lunch), I went out of the room as coincidentally saw some housekeeping staff cleaning the few rooms down, I requested for a kettle. The staff casually open the door of a room & passed me the kettle inside.
  5. The electric point of the kettle is broken but usable. Well.. since can use.. still tolerable.
  6. The toilet is dirty. Can practically see that the toilet bowl is yellowish in colour. Tsk.. tsk..
  7. There is no hair dryer in the room. My sister rang housekeeping for a hair dryer. We are already lying in bed almost dozed off and her hair is almost dry and someone knocked the door, only then the hair dryer came.
  8. The basin is clogged up. If you have a weak stomach, then dont look at the basin right after someone brushed their teeth... leave it for say... at least 30 minutes.
  9. The coffee table is sticky and dirty. I had to clean it myself before dare to put anything on it.
  10. The menu in the restaurant indicated nett price but the staff informed us that we need to pay 10% service tax & 5% government tax. After we complained a few times... they didnt charge us.
  11. The ones more tolerable are - there is no remote control in the room (despite the apparently 4 star), the air con is not cold, one of the lamp in the room is faulty.

There you have it.. to sum it up, not recommended. By the way... its not cheap either oh...

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