Friday, August 04, 2006

Hanging out at Kuchai Lama

Last Friday, I went out to eat with Bay Bee Dino at Kuchai Lama. Bay Bee Dino likes those kedai kopi type of shop, so we went to try food in Old Town (something like that). She had nasi lemak and I already eaten company-provide-dinner, so I only ordered "pineapple bun". I remember it got some canggih name on the menu but I just can't remember what it is, but anyway its pineapple bun lar...

This is how it looks like, and between the top & bottom bun, there's a layer of butter. Yummy. Unfortunately, forgotten to take picture of the nasi lemak that Bay Bee Dino ate.

After that, we went to this shop, a few doors away. It is this newly opened stationery shop. I can hardly remember going to economical stationery shop in KL. Serious, you can get really affordable stationery there. Do check it out.

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