Thursday, June 21, 2007

What blog(s) do you read?

Grin.. Kimmie actually disable any form of highlighting the words to copy from her blog... and I have to do this tag by typing each and every question out :P
For the rules, please read from here

Ei, friend... need to test my typing skill meh? :P

1. Who's blog is a must read everyday?
hahaha... kimmie just likes to whine. Formerly known as kimmie's life. Grin... this dear, dear friend blogs everyday... and I'll dread the day when she cannot access to the internet & post daily.

2. Who's blog is always informative?
I'll go for these travel blogs

3. Who's blog is always funny?
Crap Some More. Short, sweet & funny :P

4. Who's blog dishes out advice/sayings/advice that you actually listen to?
Not exactly who's... it depends on where I want to go... :P
This "collection" of blogs ... (sorry eh.. i know it's the same as no. 2 but... its informative but I do follow the advice & take note of it)

5. Who's blog would you highly recommend to others?
Waiterrant - collective of small stories and also where I learned of the blog waiterrant from, Work In Progress blog which is also a good blog where I stumbled on a few years ago.

6. What was the funniest blog entry you read recently?
I_hate_life: take 5 - Wu Zun. I was with the writer at the scene... and found that the specific post is sarcastic funny.

7. What blog entry actually makes you think recently?
Kenny Sia - same post that makes Kimmie had a thought about it.

8. Which online shopping blog that you actually frequent?
Vanity Vault by April. Umm..its funny in the way that its actually a blog that sells accessories like earrings, necklaces and I hardly wear them and I dont even have ear holes to support those earrings... but I like to see the accessories that she designed :)

9. Who are you going to tag?
Super chu chai - I am curious what blogs he read... the old-wise-one :P (and at the same time... grin.. make him blog somemore *whistling innocently*
Calv - cos he seem to find it "amusing" that I blog surf, so I'm also curious who's blog does he read ... and apparently he stressed wor (nothing to blog is it? :P)

10. Who tagged you?
Kimmie lor.. haha


kimmie said...

Eh... dun write my blog as daily read la... Introduce someone new to me ma...

I also read ur blog everyday but u never update so often... Cheh...

Hahahah.... your fren's funny incident really sarcastic :P

Super Chu Chai said...

oi oi oi ... why am i suddenly "old".... -_-"

and i goto agree with Kimmie.. i "eveli" working day will check your blog one.. so ler.. since u got 2 daily visitor ..u r obliged to blog more :D ...

nite said...

kimmie - but i memang read ur blog daily wor.. :P

super chu chai - u wise mah.. and somehow the phrase comes together.. heheh

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