Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Why donate blood?

Picture pilfered from the National Blood Bank website

This is one of my favourite place in KL. Or maybe I should say, one of my comfort haven... the National Blood Bank. I found out about this place when I was studying in uni then as our hostel are located in Titiwangsa.

Anyway, why it is one of my favourite place? Well, people usually see it the side where being a blood donor helps people in need, provide supply to the blood banks... but to me, there is another side to it. Somehow, donating it gives comfort, sort of like giving is loving. It gives this contented feeling, and as you sit down there, with your hand pumping to let the blood flow, it soothe troubled soul.

Maybe, maybe I dont describe it well enough. But each time I visited this place, it magically calms my rough thoughts, my anger, my uneasiness. And despite it leaves this needle prick mark and once a while a patch of blue black, it is a very worthwhile cause.


ahfaii said...

Donate blood is a nice thing to be doing.

Not many people do nice things for free nowadays.

Keep it up :)

-just a blog-wanderer

Super Chu Chai said...

hahaha... i also like to donate blood... it always make me laugh :p... each time i donate blood i will have a fit of laughter hahahaha :p ... edmund and lovely can be my proof :p

A.Z. Haida said...

Back in the UK, they used to give away pin buttons to encourage more people to donate their blood. i particularly like one button that read "Give blood. Save lives."

It's been ages since I last donate my blood... but yeah - i think i understand what you tried to say about there's something very comforting in giving away your blood. it may reach people you've never known and will probably never know - but there's this satisfying feeling that you have done something good for the humankind..

nite said...

ahfaii - TQ :)

super chu chai - haha.. u laugh during the process? Can ar?

a.z. haida - :)

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