Tuesday, July 17, 2007

What has happen to our world?

Went to watch Harry Potter with a friend yesterday evening. As he could not secure tickets online, I went over to KLCC to get it on Friday evening as I decided to leave office on time. (Read: Friend said it not right to say leave office earlier as we always leave office after office hour or on time :P)

Anyway, as I was queuing up, I took out The Sun newspaper from my bag and read as the queue was rather long. As I read and move along the line. I notice there is this boy, max age 10 inching nearer and trying to stand in front of me. Of course, he is only a little boy, I could be nice and let it be but maybe I'm mean. I gave him an evil stare. He knows I was aware he was trying to cut the queue and stood back behind me. As we approached the turning of the line, he moved up and stood next to me and it appeared like I was the line trying to cut the queue. I put down my newspaper and look at him again. I'm sorry that I don't look friendly but then again, I couldn't help thinking, "He is only so young, what is happening to the world that such a young kid learn to cut queue and doing it in such a way that is so subtle." Sigh.

As he notice I was not going to let him cut the queue, he inched back to the line. As we came to another turning point, he stood there and shouted for someone in a language that I dont understand. I continued back to my newspaper reading. After a few minutes when I looked up, the boy somehow has in the position of a few people in front of me. Despite I do not approved of him cutting the line, I did not say anything. Then I saw him at another turning point, I was still behind, I saw him using the same tactic - subtly standing beside the person in line and move along, went in the line a couple of people in front.

At the time, he was in one line ahead of me. He looked up and I found myself giving him another disapproving stare. I maintained my stare at him (ok.. I know I'm evil) and he looked away after a short while.

What has happen to the world? Is there something wrong with our education that a young boy knowingly aware that he is in the wrong but he did it anyway with full caution? Are we teaching the children the wrong things?

Side note: Wrote this on Sunday evening but something wrong with PC and i cant get online. Sigh.

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