Friday, March 04, 2005

Are you sure it's a 24 hours clinic?

I was woken up by a few attacks of sharp pain at my gaster. I figure, probably just my hallucination, well, I got weird dreams these days. However, the sharp pain was then followed by this churning feeling at my gaster. Then, it goes off. Unfortunately, that left my eyes wide open, staring at the ceiling. Thought I’ll just tire myself with watching of DVD. Dragged myself out of the bed, and started watching “The Terminal”. Catherine Zeta-Jones is still as beautiful.

Only half way of the show, I had paid several visits to the washroom. The sharp pain became more frequent. Hmmm, it has got to be that acute gastroenteritis thing again. Hey, I only had home-cooked food since morning. Wonder what trigger it. Never mind, had in mind that there is this “24 hours clinic” just a stone throw away from my place. It was then 3 am in the morning. I got out of the house and made my way to the so-call 24 hours clinic (mark my word, so-call).

Reached the clinic and rang the doorbell. An Indian clinic assistant let me into the shop and she dropped the bombshell – the doctor is not in. Crap, then why is it called 24 hours clinic? The doctor will only be in by 8 am the next morning. I feel so stupid woke up in the middle of the night and walked that short distance for nothing.

Did not continue with the movie, at least something is working. My eyes and brain were finally tired. At least I could get some sleep. Would wake up by 8 am the next day, see the doc, get an MC and continue to sleep. Alas, the doctor is NOT in at 8 am. I went again at 10 am, still NOT in. Was told by another clinic assistant to leave my phone number and she would call me when the doctor is in. W-T-H? Gosh, if I’m in severe dehydration state, I would have died waiting for the doctor!! Btw, credit to the clinic assistant, she did ring me.. but at 1 pm in the afternoon.

Finally decided to take a risk and took my bike to search for another doctor. After all, the pain is not continuously but once in like 10 minutes. Thank goodness, there is so many other clinics, though not within walking distance…
The end… I got my medication, MC and sleep…


Day said...

haha....luckily you are not pregnant or something....if not, give birth already also the doctor haven't come in.
next time drink 100+, was told that it works.

jinx said...

next time dun go there already la....the clinic shouldn't put 24 hours clinic, should put when i feel like it clinic. Anyway, at least there is a nurse to tell you that the Dr is sleeping. :p

nite said...

my sis said should call it 24 hours no doctor clinic :รพ

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