Thursday, March 17, 2005

Mundane Underwriter?

The job that we had to do,
The things we will be handling,
Is not as easy as making poo,
Neither it is as easy as dodoi-ing.

Actual job is underwriting,
But jobscope goes far more than anything,
Clerical, Admin, even Actuary we are doing,
Practically everything except eating and sleeping.

Soon we will be able to handle from A-Z,
Later might as well do marketing, selling and handling queries,
And they say an underwriter is boring,
Come and try, test and see its doing.

News like this soon be all knowing,
Some people will be clapping,
Others will be crying,
This is so darn happening.

And who say going to Hub will be boring,
So many challenges, I could hardly be breathing,
So many rocks that needed turning,
My gosh, the journey is just starting!

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