Tuesday, March 01, 2005

All I wanted to do was to buy a birthday present

All I wanted to do was to buy a birthday present in JJ in Mid Valley Megamall (MV). Well, JJ is because I have some cash voucher and MV is because it’s the nearest from where I stay. Well, there must be something about MV because it was at 4 pm on a Sunday and it is full, full, even for motorcycle parking. The way to motorcycle parking was blocked and I can’t even go in. Fine, I know that there is another open air parking at the other side. I took my bike and go another round, found that place and it was rather empty. Well, it has its reason for being empty – I think need to walk at least like 20 minutes to reach the entrance of MV and I saw a few foreigners from neighboring countries parking their bikes. I was not keen to walk under the hot sun and not too comfortable to chuck my bike there, though I began to feel that my bike is old but I wont ditch it. Well, the next nearest JJ was in Taman Maluri. Cheras is not too far away, I reasoned. So, off I went….

Cheras really isn’t far away and I took the exit to Bandar Tun Razak. Mind you, I have not whatsoever memory of Bandar Tun Razak. Don’t remember any roads or trees or whatever, but still I went… haha… well, I’m not in a rush, its not really, really hot though it’s hot. Passed Taman Tasik Permaisuri, something like that… haha, it must be a joke cos my sister had just asked me if I want to go there. Well, at least I passed there. I was not too worry, as I know there is this HUKM. If I ever get so lost, I’ll just ask the way to HUKM and I’ll know how to get to where I want to go. Hmm… things were okay, I got to Jln Yaakob Latiff, saw Loke Yew but alas, I forgot that I wanted to go to Maluri instead of Leisure Mall, took the wrong turning, and was heading to south of Cheras. I was not keen of taking a U-turn at Leisure Mall so casually turned into Jalan Kuari, I knew it would head to Ampang but though there out to be a turning to KL. I got faith…

So much for my faith, Jalan Kuari leading to MRR II – leaving me option of Sg Besi, Hulu Langat and Kg Cheras Baru. The other 2 sounds a bit far off, but Kg Cheras Baru, still got the word Cheras. Took that turning, went the whole road, with turnings to Jalan 20, Jalan 17 – where is that? Gosh, I finally saw the word “MPAJ”. Sh*t, that’s the last place I want to be. From Ampang, I’ll probably need at least 30 minutes just to reach KL if I just go on straight. Though I seriously wanted to another route to go back to Maluri but Ampang is the last place I want to be. I dutifully U-turned and back to MRR II. Then I saw another road, quite a number of cars heading to this road call Jalan Semerah Padi. I have this perception that if got cars go, then it’s not a bad place. Decided to risk my luck and ha… the word Serkut on the road signs. I’m back to Cheras :) and then turning to Jalan Cheras Lama. Maluri JJ? On my right side :)

The way back was another disaster. At that time, I even wished I had stalked my friend when he goes home cos I had to go through 3 times on the same roundabout to get to the road that I want. But I’ll spare you with that.

Looking on the bright side, I have known KL slightly more and perhaps I would get lost in Cheras again. (hopefully)

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Little P (oo) said...

HA HA ..... i can relate to that Nite.... i can probably write a book on how to get lost in KL...the places i have been to.....

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