Friday, April 15, 2005

Get A Life

Been sitting here all day long,
Work seemed growing, it is wrong,
Social life seemed deprived,
A small voice whispered, "Get a life"

Productivity and quality needed uplifting,
Target needs achieving,
At times I don't know what I'm doing,
"Get a life!," that voice seemed to be shouting.

Seemed to be stuck infront of the PC,
Looking at the monitor till eyes blury,
At night still work not completed clearly,
"Get a life!," the voice shouted loudly.

Things will continue to pile,
From 1 to many files,
Time seemed to be running fast,
Up my hands I cried, I give up!

Unless I have 4 pairs of hands, which I wouldn't,
I might complete the work soon, which I couldn't,
Work will still need to be completed,
But I will not work myself exhausted.

"Get a Life," the voice said,
Quality, purpose and restful life I craved,
Work equals Life, not an equation to be derived,
"Get a Life!, Get a Life, Get a Life!!"

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