Monday, April 11, 2005

The Story of Kampung Attap

Do you know where is Kampung Attap? If you don’t know, you would probably err, sympathize a bit with me. If you do, then I figure you will laugh a real hard. Well, me? I would tell you that I have heard of it but don’t know where it is till over the weekend, 2 days ago.

Thus, I name this post – The Story of Kampung Attap. If you ask me, I’ll just tell you, I have never been to Kampung Attap, and it sounds to me like some kind of Bandar Baru. Also when I was staying in Setapak, I would pass it to go to UM. That was all I know about Kampung Attap and it never bothers me not to explore it out. Anyway, well, the day to explore further came. I was duly informed that it was responsibility to declare my income. By the way, the slogan was “Tanggungjawab Anda”. I was told that there is one IRB branch in Kampung Attap, supposedly the nearest to where I stay now. Well, I only heard of it, never knew where the dot is on the map.

My sister’s friend was so helpful that he gave me this direction – you are heading to KL, with Kuen Cheng Sec School on your right (across the road). At the 2nd exit, showing Istana Negara and Kampung Attap, turn left & up the exit. Follow the road till the end and turn left. The road actually leads you down and then turn left again. Go about 300 m and you will see a police station. It’s further down the road. The building is just there. Well, simple enough, thought I just drop by on my way home after going out with my friends at Bintang area. Fine.

After having a hard time looking for a photocopy machine in the happening Star Hill, to cut the story short, I found it and rushing to IRB at Kampung Attap before it closed for the day. It was about 4+ in the evening, closes at 5 pm daily. Well, I was on from KL, passing through Lok Yew heading to Federal Highway. Passed Kuen Cheng but nope, no U turn found along the road. I went all the way till Old Klang Road for U turn!!! Then followed the route given by my sister’s friend. Well, I found the place. He gave a good direction. But imagine my shock when I reached there. I saw the Koperasi Polis right in front of me and a white building that so reminds me of the Chinese Assembly Hall on my right. The place soooo familiar. Never mind. Went up the building and er… trying to settle my stuff (can’t say it’s settled cos I have to go at least err... 2 times more to see the guy there before completing it).

After coming out of the building, wanting to go home… found out that I was at LOKE YEW, the same road that I passed by on my way to look for Kampung Attap. I passed the building right under my nose but went all the way to Old Klang Road just for U turn!! Crap. Why didn’t I ask the exact location? Why didn’t the person tell me where exactly it is? Why didn’t I ever notice that the place is call Kampung Attap? Grrr…

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