Monday, April 04, 2005

Signs To Tell That I'm Desperate...

For a pair of shoes

  1. It rebel and gave up on me... the heel literally coming off
  2. I used UHU and cellophone tape to seal up the gap every night and it make weird sound when i walked
  3. I limped to the extend that I was afraid I would forget how to walk without limping
  4. I walked bare-footed even on weekdays
  5. I kicked start my bike in extreme carefulness, in case I aggravate the gap
  6. I refuse to go any where on weekdays after office hour
  7. I woke up early in the morning on Saturday just to go shopping
  8. I stepped into each and every single shoe shop available in Sg Wang even the ever crowded Vincci

So there, if you ever happen to see me shopping, frantically, alone. Please be merciful and note that I've been limping the whole week. When I did walk a little less limping, I had shining cellophone tape, making squeeky noise accompanying me every single step :)


kimmie said...

u need a pair of new shoes dear....... reasons.... let me count the way..... anyway y r u going ard in a broken pair of shoes anyway???? we live in a civilize era where shoes are common..... Go get urself a new pair!!!!!!!!!

nite said...

yah.. i bought my shoes on weekends, after limping for a week. My friend told me not to blog on it yet.. in case ppl start staring at my shoes. :รพ

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