Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Blogger's Block Type II

Many words I want to say
Things that I want to convey
But it all stop at half mid way
And has harden like clay

There's an invisible wall blocking
Words formed continue crumbling
I don't know where to start patching
Blogger's block Type II - I am having

But hey, can still write, you argue
Yet cant potray what I think and feel
Thoughts are saturated till can kill
All cooked up at the brain at a stand still

From Sherlock Holmes to The Alienist
Of Agatha Christie to The Alchemist
Books I read to increase my vocab list ;)
But everything is still vague like mist

I need to flow it all out!
Otherwise blogging is just not therapeutic enough!
Please help me to reduce this "brain crowd"
Now I've even run out of word to end this poem of doubt

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