Wednesday, June 15, 2005


Went to work today with the famous LRT. Found something rather funny about the ride.

The LRT is supposedly to be fully air conditioned. But it doesn't appear so at times. Whenever there are alot of people riding in the LRT, the air-cond seemed to be off, leaving the rest of us passangers sweating like a pig. Mind you some of us need to go to work in the morning, not the gym! I would think those intending to go gym can just go home after riding the LRT. Free sauna. And save up the gym's monthly fees. ANd if you want a full workout, just take the LRT when it is low peak. It seemed like they will blast the air-cond full blast. You can have a free lesson on "shake a bom bom, shake a bom bom dance". Even the bus have this thing call windows to wind down whenever it is hot or wind up whenever it is cold.

What's more when there are multiple women with different perfumes put on them. And you are standing in between. Turn right - one whiff. Turn left - one whiff. Face front - both whiffs combined! WALAUEY!!! Can faint, straightaway take MC. When you go home from work, during the peak hours, packed like sardines. I think this is even whose than going on a bus. With the temperature rising, you can even hatch an egg. Hmm...I think even the chicks refuse to come out.

Sigh....and to think I'll be riding on the LRT later today.

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tracy teoh said...

hehe... I don't recall it being such an intollerable ordeal.. guess I'm usually so tired that I'm zombie-fied by the time I get in the LRT. Either that or it's because I missed the rush hour. *shrug*

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