Friday, June 03, 2005

Clumsy or Accident Prone?

Wonder if the last 2 weeks should be called - the clumsy time. It has proven that somehow i have join the statistic of accident prones and has left me with new scar (not that i dont have any), blue black & bumps. Chronology is as below.

Incident 1:
Venue: In toilet, finish bathing and want to come out already
"Aiyak!" Knock head on door knob. I know i'm short but hello, thats way short. So i dont really get it as to how i manage to knock my head. Ok never mind.

Incident 2:
Venue: At home, walking to room
"Ouch!" Accidentally kicked the wall. Sheesh.. its same day after knock head...

Incident 3:
Venue: Stil at home, on the way out to go to work
"Ouch!" Knuckles hit the side of door. Crap.. its the same morning....

Incident 4:
Venue: Home
*Rub rub shoulder*
Accidentally hit shoulder on wall... Nope, i'm not drunk

Incident 5:
Venue: Outside at Klang with friends
"Ah..." Accidentally kicked my friend's shoe. Toes so painful

Incident 6:
Venue: Home, after heat toast some nuggets
Accidentally touch the very hot plate. Reflex, and pulled hand away.. but has left me with a patch of redness on my hand. Hmm.. yah, this one just 2 days ago, so the scar still there... crap.

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