Monday, June 13, 2005

The Mystery of the Missing Socks

I bought 3 pairs of socks end, end of April 2005. Remembered it well as I ran out of socks and since would probably need to walk a lot in my trip to Taiwan, so bought those 3 for RM 10 socks - blue, grey & brown ones.
All 3 socks were brought to Taiwan and exported back to M'sia, safe and sound. But, disappearing act strikes on those socks thereafter. The thing is like this...

1st week after trip - grey color socks disappear
-- I thought that probably my sis wore it and havent wash it...

2nd week after trip
-- we do laundry including a pair of socks,the brown one. Found out that only left 1 side after finish laundry. My sis said she counted it before bringing it up (we use the public washing machine and mind you, washing machine is one of the greatest invention of all time). I am equally sure that i make sure all socks are pegged and wont be blown off by the wind. Anyhow, so left the blue one (cos didnt wash) and 1 side of the brown one. The grey one still nowhere to be seen.

2nd week after trip - a few hours later
-- bought 3 pairs of socks, the blue one complete, the grey one missing and the brown one incomplete. Since only left one pair, so i told my sis and we went digging around the house. Finally found the grey ones in the bathroom. Ok, so now only lost one side of the brown socks

3rd week after trip
-- since found the grey socks already. Put the grey and blue socks to laundry. This time my mother went down with me. Positively sure all 4 socks were in the machine but during collecting time, I only collected 1 side of each socks but my mother said she got took some. Since so many clothes, we didnt really check it but has looked into the washing machine 3 times to check if we left anything behind.

Funnily, when hang the clothes to dry, found out that...
The blue socks - only left one side

I bought 3 pairs of socks, now left with 2 pairs but incomplete blue and brown socks. Perhaps I should mix and match next time - wearing the blue one and the brown one ;)

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