Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Ring.. ring... toot toot... toot toot...

A small incident prompts me to post this entry. I found out that there a few ways people do to avoid certain calls. Having an internet access means that i have a phone line at home. But there are hardly anybody who calls this fixed line. Reason being that:

  1. I hardly give anybody this number as we try to confine it to internet usage cos later might be hardly to split the bill (though actually we are not charge to receiving call... i must be out of my mind)

  2. i know that there is only 2 person who rings this phone - my mother and my sister's bf. So i have the liberty of not answering phone calls. Yes, i have the patience of letting it ring and ring and ring and ring.

However, I notice that my sis and housemate also have this habit of letting their handphones ring (not a problem to me cos hardly anyone calls me). And i found that there are a few ways to do so and in a erm.. polite way ;)

  1. Assign a nice melody/song to the certain person
    You know why? Nobody would kacau or bug you to answer the phone if the song is nice or the melody is good and you, yourself wouldn't mind if it rings :) (smart eh)

  2. Use Nokia phone (i'm not advertising nor am i using it)
    But... noted that there is this feature in Nokia phones that when the phone rings, it gives option of "answer" and "silent". The function of this "silent" key is when you press it, it stops ringing but the person on the line actually hears the normal "toot toot... toot toot..." as if waiting for you to pick up the phone... (not bad leh)

  3. Have great patience
    This - be it house phone or handphone. Just let it ring. Don't bother. (I have that cos that day my mother rang the house phone, i didn't that it would be her... i let it ring for rather long but a bit pai seh already cos my housemate at home and dont want to disturb her, then only i picked it up. My mother thought I was already asleep, thus took so long to answer the phone ;)

So, there be it. But do it at your own risk. I'm not teaching you to neglect those phone calls, it's just something i happened to find out. :)

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