Saturday, August 27, 2005


The night is cold. I'm limping off to find a warm place to call for the night. With the wind blowing, i shiver up to my litte bones. Scratching myself with my good left hind leg, i walked nearing to the car parked by the roadside pavement (chu chai commented that he cannot picture how the broom come flying when there is no witch around). The engine generated some heat, hopefully would warm me up a little.

"Go away! Shoo!" the owner shooed me and start poking with a broom. I gave a small yelp and limped away. What was on my mind then? Why on earth would i leave him? He was the one picking me up when i lost in that fight 3 yrs ago, injuring my leg. But, that was history. He no longer cares for me, ever since she came. I hate to admit it, that little thing is rather pretty. But it still cuts me, knowing that i longer is the priority in his life.

To be continue...

Addition: Have seeked professional help & outsourced it to super chu chai. Here is the link to the 2nd part of the story.

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