Wednesday, January 18, 2006

My Life As an Underwriter

Got this job as my first offer,
Quickly grasp, others didn't even consider,
"Yes! I'll take it. No need differ,
By the way, what is an underwriter?"

I asked around hoping for answers,
Some told me it is the same as undertakers,
Some asked if I need to write under the table,
"Sure it is not illegal??"

"I think it is not, I hope it is not,
I heard this job is hot,
Went in, have to learn until brain clot,
Only thing they didn't ask me to do is to hop.

Learn about risk management,
Also health assessment, and spiritual discernment,
Also lie detector just by what the clients declare,
"Decline the case!" when lying clients dare.

I didn't know I have to be part doctor, part detective,
I didn't know I have to be part psychic, part artist,
I didn't know I have to be part lawyer, part persuasive,
I didn't know I have to be very very creative.

Who told me underwriters are boring?
Who laughed at me when late in office I'm staying?
Now who is amazed at me at this vast knowledge I'm learning?
Who is at awe at this large oppurtunity I'm having?

"Underwriters are boring!"
Hah! That's what you are thinking,
With this policies that I'm reading,
Money to me you will be paying!


simon said...

happy new year!

Day said...

happy new year to you too simon....who are you? Friends of nite?

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