Thursday, January 26, 2006

Stocking up for 'winter'

For the ever ever first time in my life...

I do not need rush to Puduraya and get a bus ticket to go home. The last time I remember, I had to take a bus to HKL bus station, walk to Titiwangsa LRT to Plaza Rakyat and get the shuttle bus to Duta Station. Its not that I didnt want to take cab but if you do not know cabs in KL are head chopping kind.. also stupid me didnt even know where is Duta Station then.

I do not need to take my bike to Sungai Long so that I can tumpang my sister's car back to hometown.

I do not need to pester my sister to tell me how many days of leave I need to take cos she is the one planning the drive back home.

However, for the 1st time in my life I am here in KL celebrating CNY and I'm pretty worry that I'll be too free and mudding wont take up so many days of my hols. So I need to stock up for DVDs/VCDs/books for this CNY so I wont be bored. AND NO... I DONT NOT WISH TO WORK OVER THE CNY (though I could clear some stuff... no.. scratch that thought)

I dare not touch the naruto anime so that I got more things to watch... hmm... and i'm going to ransack Piggy's house for more comics or books :D
Anyone got more books or movie or anime to loan me? ;)

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