Monday, January 09, 2006

Wallet or Purse?

My long time sort of wallet (yah.. it should be purse) spoilt the 1st time I went to Singapore on business trip. Actually the zipper was spoilt and I couldn't put any coins since then. So I resolved to bringing a small plastic bag separately. So that day I went out to buy myself another one... then went out with Piggy & Di Di the next day.

*Take out purse from back pocket*

Piggy: Ei, that is a wallet, man's wallet.. not purse

Nite: But I got it from the ladies section in JJ

Piggy: It looks like a wallet instead of purse to me

Piggy: *Looking at Di Di* What do you think? Look like men's wallet right?

Di Di is eating and hardly talk a lot, just nod his head

Nite: But.. but.. the whole floor of it is ladies section..

Piggy: Then it must be few men's wallet around in ladies section so that when the boyfriend keep the girlfriend shopping, and got things to buy

Nite: Har...

Piggy: Either that, its for the ladies who pai seh to go to the men section to buy stuff for the husband or boyfriend

Nite: -_-"

After note: Actually when I bought it, I was thinking the same thing... that it appears to be like men's wallet instead of ladies purse. Here's for you to judge...

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Super Chu Chai said...


kimmie said...

errr............. so very male-ist.... Definitely a guy's wallet.... muahahahahahaha...... Happy Birthday darling... U R SO OLD!!!!! I just love rubbing that in considering i am almost... *ahem* one year younger than u.....:P

nite said...

unfortunately kimmie to burst ur bubble .. u r in the SAME year.. so ur rubbing in..doesnt work the slightest bit.

Super Chu Chai said...

LOL... nah... u both not rubbing it at all.. come.. let me rub rub...

im TWO years YOUNGER than BOTH of you !!!


*rub rub rub*

nite said...

but..but.. u look old!!!
hahahaha :P

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