Sunday, April 16, 2006

10 things about HK

Well, yes, and I have blogged up some pictures, can see it here

  1. Boots are the "in" thing, from teenagers to aunties
  2. MTR stations are pretty confusing if you are new to it but its really, really clean
  3. Transportation in HK is EXPENSIVE
  4. They love noodles
  5. Look where you go, if someone knock you, its your fault
  6. A little hard to ask help for direction, though as days passed, it was not as bad as when we reached
  7. If you cannot find a place to sit during dinner time, then dont eat there, never order your food first
  8. Call and make reservation for dinner/lunch and reach there early
  9. Subways are clean, and decorated with nice mural
  10. Public toilets are very, very clean as well


kimmie said...

Whoo... I AM SO HK "IN"... Just bought a pair of boots..... :D

nite said...

haha..yah.. and they dressed up nicely.

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