Sunday, April 23, 2006


Take a look at the time of this post... well, I just woke up 3 hours ago, at 10 pm. Took at "nap" at 5 pm just now... and woke up at 10 pm. Didnt really want to wake up but just check the time on my mobile phone and noted of a sms my friend sent. Well, i have to compose a long email to reply that... might as well. Anyway, after this post, I'm going off to bed :D

I didnt really blog as much nowadays, not that there isnt anything going around. In brief, it's basically work, work and work. I'm overwhelm with work, can barely finish anything and putting up with everybody who seem so change their mind over a few days or hours. I'm tired.

To top that up, last Tuesday I accidentally knock the motorbike in front of me and someone knocked me from behind cos Mr Front braked and Mr Behind decided that I should pay him regardless the big fat fact that he knocked me from behind. Well...dont know what was in my head then, I refuse to pay him... argued with him at the road side. He was smoking and giving me threatening stares, aside from stomping on my bike. Yes.. you know, how people actually put their weight on someone's car/bike. He did that and nobody comes to my rescue and me... dont know what got into me, still refuse to pay him. I offered to go to police station though, to report on that small incident and obviously he declined.

Well, thereafter he "graciously" told me he will let me off cos I'm a girl. (well... if so, how come he stomped on my bike... I wonder) but things didnt end there. Upon reaching office, notice my bike got a flat tyre. Or going to be flat one, took it over to one of the petrol station but confirmed dead. The magic of petrol stations are that mechanics would scribble their phone number on the floor or at the place where you pump air so I resorted to calling each and every one till I got a mechanic to come over. (apparently there are few phone numbers that doesnt belong to a workshop).

So there... short update on my days, a week ago.. I'm off to bed, again! ;)

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