Wednesday, April 12, 2006

After a long break

OK ok.....nite had been bugging me to here goes.

Ever heard of blogger's block? Been having it cause seriously don't know what to say. It is hard to write a funny blog all the time. Time consuming to think of a poem to blog it. Erm...piggy had an ingenious idea on doing that! :p And a tad bit boring to be complaining over and over and over and over the same stuffs. Am waiting though for nite's adventure the exotic place. hehe...

Anyway... I have been curious. Shoot me! I just read about this blog on man and woman. Naturally I'm curious.

You know how they always say when you are in a relationship, you should be this this this and that that that? And you should be behaving this this this and that that that? Actually, how come the partner expect you to be something which you are not? And shouldn't this be the factor that he or she is interested in you in the first place? So .... what do you people think?

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Little P (oo) said...

u guys should bug in between

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