Tuesday, July 17, 2007


End of last month, my uni senior had a bad accident and got admitted. The chronology of event was a little vague. It was said that he left home for a presentation in KL but he was found on the North South highway, on the way back to KL from Seremban. In fact, he was found after his girlfriend lodged a missing person report as he did not return home after the said presentation.

In one of the episode in Grey's Anatomy Season 3, the story centered on a ferryboat accident. One of the scenes - Dr Addison asked, "If I went missing, would anyone notice?"

That made me think... despite I'm staying with 2 housemates, but as we are not very close (um.. me bad, I'm the antisocial housemate), anyway I don't think they would know if I'm not home. Or even if they notice I'm not home for a couple of days, they would not know if I'm away cos I went for a holidays or I just simply went missing.

Say, if I unfortunately passed away in my room. Would they probably just grumbled saying that I'm this lazy girl who forgot to throw the rubbish? Grin. It sound possible. Oh well... if I went missing on a weekend, all that could happen. Of course, if I do not turn up for 3 days to work, I'm sure my boss would look up for me, before she goes for any disciplinary measure :P

Well, at least it is comforting that if something happen to me on a weekday, there are people who would notice eh.

If you went missing, if you disappeared, would anybody notice?
If I went missing, if I disappeared, over the weekend, would anyone notice?

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