Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Good vs Bad

I once saw in a comic stripe – potraying healthy food = not delicious while unhealthy food = delicious. Perhaps it is true to an extent. In another words, unimportant things seem more tempting.

I guess there is something about this brain of mine. Well, I have this important appointment tomorrow and it requires me to fill up certain form and read up some articles. And I should say, the appointment is highlight as "IMPORTANT, URGENT" in my to do list. Red alert.
Somehow, there is like angel vs devil fight inside me. I’m still not too sure which side triumph… but I shall reveal the "fighting" and let you decide.

A friend asked me to join this gathering thingy and to meet this friend of mine whom I have not met as frequently as I used to… well, I guess in this context, the "angel" manage to prevent me from going out… and the red alert in my to do list is still not accomplished. Guess I would have to join them another time.

Also I was so good that I went back to work on Saturday when there were only a few "little kittens" around… hmmm… guess the "angel" in me triumph again. But I guess my biological clock then decided to help the losing "devil" side… I had this really bad headache and decide to put off my effort to search for more reading materials for my appointment. And you know what? I took a 6 hours nap only waking up at 10.30 pm! And that was the "angel" reminding me that if I don’t wake up, I shall be the bushy hair, dumb-founded gal who cannot answer a single question. Also, my stomach started growling. ;)

So I dragged myself up and had a very cold shower and ate the unnourished instant noodles. However, I still trying to put the task that I woke up to do. I rather on the TV – watching "there’s something about Mary". Cameron Diaz still has the "electrifying" smile and I cleaned my room at the eleventh hour at night. Think my landlady was a little surprise with the noise as I noted she opened her door and peeped at me who swept the floor at some odd hour. I must’ve been influenced by the "devil".

Still, I did filled up the forms and by the time I was done… (err.. also taking breaks now and then to read Harry Potter & The Order of the Phoenix) it was already 5 am. So now I got odd sleeping time too. Whatever… the devil consoled me that I have another day to spare.
Woke up late in the afternoon today, obviously and spend my own sweet time reading yesterday’s newspaper and small start on my regular Sunday Star soon. That would take up a few hours of my time. And here I am writing the blog and before this even clean the ceiling fan in my room… I have yet finished the ever important task, chore whatever you name it.

Think I shall also scrub the bathroom first. So, what do you think? The "angel" has yet convinced me to sit down & get over with it. However, in the mean time, I had clean my room, dust the fan and going to scrub the bathroom. Is the "angel" leading the "race"? I don’t know…
Note: this was written on Sunday afternoon, 25/7/04

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