Thursday, July 08, 2004

Want to know what happened?

Initially I wanted this in the journal that I have in hi5. But hi5 has been a disappointment...sigh...lets not talk about it while I mourn over my previous lost journal...

Anyway... :D

I did a very naughty thing today. But it wasn't my fault. They were there talking within everyone's hearing range. :p

Yeah, I'm eavesdropping during my ride back from work today. Couldn't help it! It was filled with drama, intense, anger, on the verge of tears. 2 persons, one looked helpless. One looked annoyed. I'm just the spectator. What a display!

I only hear bits here and there, until the two of them left the train. And they left me wondering, conjuring some story to fit their conversation. What had happened? This is what I've theorised.

Let's gave them a name, though I don't know who they are...lets call them Harry and Sally. OK.

Harry met Sally on the train and got attracted. He accumulate enough courage to go up to her and say 'hello'. Soon they found out that they got off at the same station and their workplace is actually quite near. Somehow along the way, Harry manage to get Sally's number. I guess they started to contact each other or something. Now Sally is just treating Harry nice. But Harry thought Sally likes him as he likes her. So he began to follow her. Follow her to work, follow her back home. At first Sally doesn't mind, I guess...but soon, her colleagues began asking her, her neighbours or housemates began asking her. "Who is that guy that's been following you around? Your boyfriend?" Sally felt annoyed and got irritated. She doesn't like Harry. So she got up her courage and told Harry not to follow her anymore. Sally ignore him. She didn't answer his calls. But Harry continued.

So today, something BIG must have had happened. He must have waited for her at her office lobby and make a fool of himself. And when Sally came down, he must have called her name out loud and embarrassed her. This makes Sally furious and told him to back off..and on the train, she began to scold Harry. "What are you trying to do back there? I told you not to follow me around, but you still do! You are not my friend. I hardly know you!" And Harry was like pleading, "I'm trying to see you. I know that when I call you I won't be able to see you. I just want to be your good friend" To which she said, "What friend? We weren't friends in the first place! How can you say that we can become good friends?! You have even throw whatever possible chances of us being friends just now!" Harry looked helpless..."Why don't you and I go somewhere to talk? Let me explain..." "Then explain, why not here?" "Too many people. Come on." "What is there to talk that nobody can hear? That it must be you and I alone that can settle it? I have treated you so badly and still you cannot get it?!"

And they went on and on and on...until Sally left the station, Harry followed her out. As the door closed and the train started to moved, Sally turned and faced Harry. She looked really really best the end Sally slapped Harry.

When I came home and think about it all over again, I realised that speculation is actually not a good thing to do. I guess this is how rumours started. This is how word gets around from one person to the other, each put in more pepper and salt until there's only the outline of the real story. All the mumbo jumbo were the speculations. With little bits and pieces, I'm amazed at myself of how I could even write out even the beginning of the story until the end if I wanted to. How with just that few sentences that I've heard...what's more in some dialect that I know only a little about!

Now I know why stories and rumours can actually break a person. How sometimes, these little little speculations that we heard and spread can actually cause a person to be embarrassed, to have low self esteemed..or worst cause him to be depressed and soon become mentally sick and get paranoid and maybe run amok, harming others and themselves.

Gee....I better repent before I do any harm. Thank God those were just strangers!

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