Monday, February 21, 2005

Deferred due to low BP

I’m not well off, thus I can’t really donate moneyI’m don’t really own anything, thus cant really donate thingsOne thing I know I’m capable of is donating blood. It saves lives and I seriously got nothing to lose… red blood cells lasted for 120 days before “died” (if I remember right, correct me if I’m wrong).

Remember the first time I heard of it, I was seriously enthusiastic of going to donate my blood, unfortunately, I was below the requirement weight. I don’t mind piling up a few kilograms to make myself eligible, after all, my BMI would still be in the normal range. Started to donate blood when I was in my first year of university. Though I don’t go every 3 months, but at least I have been at the National Blood Bank for more than 5 times.

However due to unknown reason, my blood pressure has been way too low to qualify for blood donating. According to the doctor, it is still in the normal range, yet it is at the lower end. My BP was about 97/64, recorded last Saturday. The systolic murmur should at least hit 100 before they allow me to go on with donating. I recalled my BP value used to be about the range of 110/70 but I wonder why that it has dropped. One of my colleague even commented that “Working not stress enough is it?” Well, I also don’t know.

So, calling all doctors, medical students or whoever knows what it is to take to raise my BP, please kindly let me know :)

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