Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Ride Trips

Due to some time sharing thingy, my sis and me were granted a voucher to stay overnight in Genting Highlands as a reward for our “obedience” to sit through the whole session and gave necessary replies. Anyway, that was about a year ago. As it was a free voucher, of course, there were strings attached and it was rather hard to book a place during holidays. The voucher would be expired this coming week, so after rescheduling a few times. The best is only yesterday. Yet, we were not keen to take leave as annual leave entitlement is not luxury enough. Though it’s a little odd that we book the apartment the same one day trip that we planned, but I guess it was better than nothing at all. Besides, if it’s really that tiring, then could take a little cat nap.

Well, that’s a rather long introduction. Anyway, that trip was what I called a ride trip. Of all the few times I went to Genting, I have never attempted any rides, indoor or outdoor. Also did not expect to be taking any rides this time. Well, just went up the highlands, my sis’s friend queued up to buy the day pass, and the next time, we were lining up for the rides.

The arrangement was easy, we go for the more exciting rides first, but from mild to more heart stopping. There were 4 such rides, excluding the newer Flying Coaster which has to pay additional 10 bucks. The 4 were what I called “The Banging One”, “The Flinging One”, “The Turning One” and “The Commit Suicide One”. Can you guess? Well, if you have been the theme park in Genting, I assume it’s not an unfamiliar to you, unlike me. I don’t remember the real name they give to “The Flinging One” but it’s the colourful flinging around thingy. The other 3 are – Super Toboggan, Corkscrew and Space Shot.

As I lined up for the rides, I was given engineering courses by my sis and her friend. Telling me the concept of the rides, how mechanical was used followed by free fall. Tsk, tsk, typical of engineers. ;)

I was having palpitations as I was waiting for my turns. Things were not better with people shouting and screaming. Must be getting old and hey, I was actually paying for people to give me a fright!! As I was waiting under the sun for the Space Shot, I even worried that during the ride, I would be so scared that would experience the fight and flight response, which includes uncontrolled micturation. Can’t help it; at that time felt that my bladder was rather full. Who knows that nature would accidentally call? ;) (Ahem, if you are wondering, nope, it did not occur.)

Oh yah, before I forget, if you have not tried the Space Adventure. Take my kind piece of mind. Don’t. Just don’t. We lined up for quite a while, expecting it to be kind of swinging thing, well, it did swing subtly but the description would be more of accurate if I use the word vibrate. We even worry on how to place the cameras so that they wouldn’t fell, and the signboard did say it was not for the weak hearted!! But all the machine did was VIBRATE! So, you know what to do…

This post seems kind of long already, so… shall not drag it and make it any longer. But just an after note, I used to think that Genting is those family outing place but somehow I noted high frequency of super lovey-dovey thingy. Is it the date to go that I picked or the rides that I chose? I don’t know.

Disclaimer: This was written over the weekend. Does not represent exact feeling right now.

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