Saturday, August 21, 2004

From home...

For the ever first time... i am posting a blog from home.. in an internet cafe.. with a malay lady sitting next to her boyfriend (i presume) and surrounded by the majority population in Malaysia.

There are lots of games poster on the wall with astro - cartoon network channel in front of me. The most significant is..i am in this internet cafe that i have never been before and it of course, does not sell/serve any coffee.

Also, while typing this, i am hoping that it does not go illegal operation & go off.. has happen twice already in the mere 15 minutes of use. Hehe.. so this is still how Malaysia's online services go. Can't really comment a lot on it as i did not surf the net while in other countries. However, one thing for sure... you can access internet free from hotels in Korea while internet cafes in Cambodia are like mushrooms... blooming in every corner of town... sporting signs showing USD 1 per hour and things like that.

Home... reached home at 1 am this morning... had a good rest... home cooked food - steamed fish that i had not had for i dont even remember when, soup... ah.. laksa... ais kacang..
I foresee me hunting for more food in a very short while.

Only would be home over the weekend.. so very short... but still has the reluctant feeling of returning to work each and every time.
Till then.. see you back in KL

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Steamed fish.... yum yum.
I love fish, especially steamed....

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