Monday, May 09, 2005


Came back to work today. Found alot of interesting things while I am gone.

The world still goes on eventhough I'm not around! :p Inbetween seemed to be madly in love. Nite went away and was lost for words in those places she went!

Well, I'm not too bad myself. Hadn't been falling in love..hahaha...but did get to spend alot of time hanging upside down for the past few days. And want to know something?

The sky is bluer. The grass is greener. The flowers are prettier. The food is bigger and more delicious. The dogs are more obedient. The streets are cleaner. The air is fresher. The people is whiter! not joking.

Let me get on with my list.

Their accent are weird even though we speak the same language. The animals are one of the kind. I now know how the Drs had the idea of C-section. By observing these animals. Amazing! I didn't realise that the seagulls are of the same size as the pigeons. I always thought that the seagulls are way way bigger than that. Perhaps the TV has a magnifying effect on animals.

The people are so so friendly. Have you ever seen salesgirls or promoters in shopping complex actually dances while they are working? No? Me either...if you are from the same country as I am. So so darn polite that they actually makes you feel good? Thus you are able to buy more stuff from them? Marketing strategy I would think. Really bring out the true meaning of 'service with a smile!'

There aren't any tall buildings though. The highest there would be 5 storeys? Houses there are gigantic. Compared to my house, it looked puny! Hmm...houses and cars there are really cheap. With the cost of my snooopy car here I can get a much much larger car there. I guess you and I will not be able to really say "This is Life" until you been there. Not much activities there. Everything closes at 5pm. The sky goes dark at 6pm. Streest empty by 7:30pm. Where in the world did all the people go. I'm still searching for the answer. There are no mamak stalls there. Privacy is a BIG thing. I guess they have more time for themselves. Maybe that's why they have such enthusiasm while working!

What really puzzles me most is, how in the world are they able to complete their work if they start from 9-5pm with 5 days of work per week? Must be really really smart those people.

So there goes my life being upside down. Coming back right side up seemed weird all of the sudden. Perhaps Life being down under is much better. If there are any place where the grass is greener on the other side of the fence? This will be the place. Can't really show how green the grass is though, cause it is winter, but the sky is bluer. Ask anyone who had been there! More stars too for those star gazing lovers!

Well, that's all for now...

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