Sunday, May 22, 2005


Recently read Dr Liew's blog on how long haired girls are able to attract guys more than short haired girls. Pretty hilarious while you were reading it, as Dr Liew mentioned no matter what gender you are, long pretty hair will surely make guys nose bleed.
I had been wanting to cut my hair for quite sometime. Too long for easy maintenance. Not to mention the amount of shampoo as well as conditioner. Had been wanting to go to the salon to cut it short, until I read Dr Liew's blog. Went to do some survey among the guy friends of mine. They said, "Sadly but true. Girls with long hair tend to attract more guys than the short haired one" I guess, too much shampoo advertisement. Either that or pontianaks, if they combed their hair will sure attract more nose bleed without any scare.
Anyhow, nite cut her hair short. I guess by now, everyone should had already guessed. I cut mine as well. Pretty funny though when I was in the salon. Frequent question the people there would ask, "Do you want to dye your hair?" and "Don't you feel sad cutting your hair?"
I guess it will defeat the purpose if everyone felt sad cutting their hair wouldn't it? I mean, if every girl or guy felt sad cutting their hair, they wouldn't be having customers would they? So snip and snap the scissors went. And so did my the length of my hair. Took me almost 2 hours just to cut my hair. Was so restless, eventhough I had my book with me to read.
When he finally finished, I hadn't realised that my hair could look so bouncy! :p I guessed with the weight of my hair while it was long, my hair actually looked flat! hehe... Well, feeling rather light on my head...till the next hair cut.

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