Tuesday, May 24, 2005

MP3 Player

Have been seeing MP3 players everywhere I looked. Funny, it’s like waving its hand, telling me “Buy! Buy!” Crap, but figuratively, that’s what I felt.

Went to Carrefour in Mid Valley the other day, on the front page of its monthly promotion booklet – there is this Malaysian manufactured MP3 Player – 256 MB, voice recording, and built-in radio receiver. Fine.

As I was reading my dose of Saturday newspaper, the word MP3 player seem to emphasize and bold among all the advertisement – another brand but nevertheless 256 MB MP3 Player, USB 2.0, hours recording time, multi-languages & lyric display function ….

Another instant was when I went to Taiwan with a couple of friends. One of them brought along a MP3 player. That small thing is just so tempting. Small yet so big a memory capacity. Handy, sleek…

Or when my colleague asked me to pass a MP3 player to my other colleague. I kept it in my drawer, waiting for my colleague to come back from meeting. Waiting & waiting, it was late & I left before she came back. Perhaps I should’ve brought it home with me, rather than leaving it all alone in my cold drawer overnight. Could even felt it blinking at me pitifully as I closed the drawer & locked it for the night. (Note: I’m still sane, very much.)

Yes, it is still waving its hand to me… asking me to grab one… but no, haven’t got it yet. Thus it is still there, looking at me from various magazines, newspapers, advertisements….

Disclaimer: This was written over the weekend. Does not represent exact feeling right now, though still want a MP3 Player.

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