Monday, May 16, 2005


Ok, here it is... out of the blue, I opened my eyes on Saturday morning. Despite of Dr Liew's blog on long hair, I dragged myself out from my bed, took my bike out, chopped my hair short, sat under this hot, steaming air for 30 minutes, hearing the hairdresser "complaining" that my hair is too course, too much. Thats the part of the reason why i need to be cooked under the hot steaming air for 3 different sessions while she trying to pull my hair...
And by the way, just for the record, i was practically having long hair for quite a while but i am still single... so i dont know if long hair really got those "attraction".

The hairdresser was practically asking and confirming whether i really want to chop it short. Somemore asked if i want to keep on hair... hahah.. it has never ever cross my mind of wanting to keep my cut off hair. As if i dont have enough rubbish to clog up my room.

Reasons that i justify to myself as to why I did it...

1. I must've woken on the wrong side of the bed
2. I must've been crazy where there are times when i too "chong dong"
3. I am way too lazy to tie & comb my hair each time I get off my bike
4. I want to sleep longer
5. U tell me...

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