Friday, September 24, 2004

Back to work

Eight to five,
Five to eight,
Sun has set,
And it’s late,
Brain is dead,
But target is at stake.

Tired fingers,
Aching back,
Growling tummy,
Dinner’s not ready,
This is not funny,
I’m already like a zombie.

Dinner is here,
I’m smiling, ear to ear,
Same old chicken meal,
Not the KFC deal,
Yet, food is real,
Hunger is healed.

Back to work, I sigh,
Target? Still rocket high,
I shall work my might,
Hope not through midnight,
Don’t think I’ll survive.
Now shall rest. So, good night :)

Nope, I did not take any time off doing this in office hour though the post would be right in the morning. Actually wrote this while I was watching the last episode of CSI: Miami over 8TV. Great show, sad that it has ended. Anyway, time to work again.

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