Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Sigh...Winter is over.

This is the first, probably the last... :p

Nite has been nagging,
that Day had been slagging,
"Couldn't you add something?
a song, a picture, a word, anything?"

Though summer is everywhere,
guess Day has flown to Australia,
where nite is longer than day,
cause Day in winter seemed perculiar.

Now that winter is ending,
Day can no longer be lazing,
out with it a new season of blogging,
till Nite couldn't utter a word of bragging.

Have Day tried to write this poem,
gibberish is all it could make,
positively the last this will be,
Until the next, perhaps, maybe..

1 comment:

nite said...

hahaha.. not bad, after winning "gold medal" somewhere in the world. Still got the touch...
thought you going to write, "Nite is practically nagging, threathening, poking at me for being slack" ;)

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