Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Post "Post Holidays Syndrome"

Last weekend went to an er.. island for hols. Already back at work yesterday. So i'm off whatever post holidays syndrome - reluctance to work, give me a few more minutes to sleep, and all those symptomatic symptoms. But the post post holidays syndrome was even worse. I was straining my poor back to wash the backlog clothes. It seem mountain high, and to think that i did not even bring a lot of clothes on the short break. Funny where all those turn out from.

Anyway, was really, really tired yesterday. Couldn't even stay for OT to earn back the $$ that i used the other day. Haha.. However, though i could not stay to earn extra dough, i had to go home to clear my backlog clothes. So it does not differ much.

Lucky that a friend came over to visit last night.. and drove me to dinner. It was another welcome break. And noted it's time to start work again.. while i nurse those symptomatic post holidays syndrom & post post holidays syndrome.

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