Monday, September 20, 2004

Devillish Mind

No doubt the $$ involved was a rather big sum ... depending on what it is for or how I see it. Especially now that I’m like out of budget and owing someone a sum that is equivalent to my monthly salary. Also no doubt that I won’t die not earning the extra $$. Yet something is niggling at my mind. I still owe her the big green colour piece of money and she is in a way "preventing" me from earning it back. It’s just some minor people attitude and if it affects me, I don’t like it. Perhaps right now i'm sort of easily agitated.

Just because someone who does not read their sms as there is no space for new messages is NOT my fault. It’s her mistake, unconcern attitude. I have the right to be angry and I certainly hope that bearing grudge and unforgiving is the pick of the week. The heck with plotting revenge and not forgiving is bad for health and making own self unhappy. I prefer to opt for the not-so-forgiving attitude. I refuse to be those goody two shoes angels, which by far, I’m nearer to those fork carrying devils. They are much more the easier pick.

It has been more than an hour and I’m still no okay with it. If I say I’m fine, then I’m lying with my eye wide open and trying to control my anger by my own way. But for this time being, I’m not.. and refuse to let it rest and let her have a peace mind. I’m not okay and that’s it. Period.
I don’t care and she better not dump some apparently "flower" to make me happy. It’s just me with flowers don’t click. People don’t give me flowers and it doesn’t stay long.

Taking a deep breath and I do think that blogging is a good anger therapeutic therapy. Somehow, a little of the anger has evaporated together with the 292 words up there, but I think I shall still put on an irritated face for the fun of it.

Hahaa.. the above was actually typed over the weekend. Dont really have the access from home. So only can post it today. And funnily, there is no more anger. Not even a little bit. So i guess time do heal wounds or i suppose in this context, sore feelings.

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